Ideal solution to keep food fresh for longer at home during the lockdown

✅Protect food from going to waste too soon
✅Reduce the need to go outside for shopping
✅No more cling film, make food & kitchen look stylish

How you can keep your food fresh for another three days & longer at home during the lockdown?

Keep your food fresh or cover plates/jars

Wrap just about any type of food/bowl/jar/plate. Our wraps are self-adhesive, so simply mould the wrap over the top & the wrap will stick to itself. As simple as that!

Simply hand-wash to reuse

To reuse simply hand-wash with cold water and dishwashing liquid. The antibacterial properties of beeswax allow for multiple uses, unlike plastic wraps, keeping your food fresher for longer. You can even put them into the fridge or the freezer!

Last a year & longer

Our wraps will last you a year if you use them a lot. Of course, we could have said that they will last longer, but usually after a year the layer of beeswax will get thinner and thinner.

Eco-friendly & stylish way of storing food

It is really not just about getting rid of cling film. We know how everyone loves aesthetic looks, so that's why our wraps will turn your kitchen & food into a piece of art.

These simple yet really useful beeswax wraps could help you...

Keep food fresh longer

Depending on the type of the food, our wraps keep your food fresh for another 2-3 days. Especially with the food that goes off quickly (like fruit, veg, salad bowls, etc.) you want to keep it fresh for longer.

Do less shopping during the lockdown

We honestly believe that the more food is saved from going into the bin too soon, the less you have to go to the shop and buy the same product again. Not the best thing to hear, but quite essential now.

Live a more eco-friendly life

Our wraps are made from cotton, beeswax, jojoba and pine resin. At the end of their lifetime, simply put the wraps into the compost bin as they are 100% biodegradable.

Cook more at home

From the very beginning we wanted to incentivise people to cook more at home. And once the lockdown is gone, we love when people are able to cook their lunch, wrap it into our wraps & take it to work!

Save some money

Let's be honest, who wouldn't like to save a bit of money! As you can reuse the wraps, save your food multiple times that otherwise would have gone into the bin!

And... hundreds of people around the UK are already using our wraps

Cover any type of food/plate/bowl/jar & keep it fresh

Entirely biodegradable & eco-friendly

Super simple to use and wash

Best solution if you and your family are looking for a simple yet effective way to make your home more eco-friendly

✅For women wanting their family to become just a tiny bit more eco-friendly
✅Love when your kitchen and food looks aesthetic
✅You feel bad about throwing away food that could be saved

If that sounds like you, then our Wrapit beeswax wraps are the perfect solution for you... Our Wrapit family pack includes:

3 different useful sizes

🍏S (16cm x 16cm): wrap half of an apple, avocado, or cover a glass of wine;
🥗M (24cm x 24cm): covers a small bowl/plate of fruit, or a bunch of veg
🥪L (30cm x 30cm): anything large like sandwiches or any takeaway lunch. It's quite a size!

"How to use" guide

So that you don't forget anything important after you leave the website, all of our wraps come in a beautiful belly band that has an instruction on how to take care of the wraps and how to use them. We will also send you a video guide :)

Access to Wrapit club Weekly Newsletter  

So many people do not even realise how useful our wraps can be. This is why every week we send out just one email showing you how you can get the most out of our wraps. Discover how to use them with different food and get some tips!

PLUS... if you purchase today, you will also get another small wrap as a bonus worth £7

✅Ideal for fruit & vegetable
✅Popular with cheese as it stops the smell
✅Great for jars, small plates

Change the way you store your food forever

So many people want to make lives a bit more eco-friendly, but really never get started! It might sound that it is "just" a wrap, but we promise that it will forever change the way you store your food. And we actually mean that. No matter whether you are want to keep your food fresh at home or use it with you on the go, our wraps will become your long-lasting friends 🙂

FREE UK Delivery
No minimum spend required!

30-Days Money Back
If you are not fully satisfied, we will refund you:)

Get the whole Wrapit family pack with 30% off (& save so much food from going into the bin) for just £17.50
(instead of £24.99)

The Hive family pack SALE


£17.50 £24.99 (+ FREE UK SHIPPING)

Yes! Using Wrapit beeswax wraps is really that simple. See how others are finding them...

You might think that because you don't use cling film, wrapit wraps will not be as useful, but ...

Take food to work

Save some space in the bag and use our wraps for your sandwiches. Once you finish your lunch, simply fold the wrap and put it into the bag. As simple as that!

Everyone wastes food

Using our wraps is not just about getting rid of cling film. It is about making sure that all food is kept fresh and nothing goes into the bin too soon!

Packed lunches for kids

Why not pack your kids lunch into our wraps instead of cling film or lunch boxes? We are pretty sure that they will find the design of our wraps more fun :)

The Hive family pack SALE


£17.50 £24.99 (+ FREE UK SHIPPING)

Meet the team behind
Wrapit wraps (and this page!)

We launched Wrapit as we believe that simple changes lead to big impacts. What we offer is not just a reusable wrap, but to make a small step towards making our planet a more sustainable place to live. What we want to achieve, is not just make people use wraps instead of cling film. We also want to help people become more conscious about the food they buy, cook and eat. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is not easy at all, but we help people become one step closer to being their best self.

Just in case, here are some of the common questions that we get

Is there anything I can't use them with?

Please avoid using them with raw fish and raw meat. Another one would be a pineapple as it is too acidic.  

How do I wash them?

You simply need to wash it in cold water after each use (please note that hot water might damage your wrap as beeswax starts melting.

How to recycle them?

At the end of their lifetime, Wrapit wraps can be recycled as they are made from entirely natural components, which are 100% biodegradable. Simply put the wrap into the compost bin.

Can I put them into the microwave?

Unfortunately not. Beeswax wraps will start to melt if you put them into the microwave.

How to store them?

Our beeswax wraps are a perfect solution to keep your food not only on your shelves or in the fridge, but it also perfectly does the job in the freezer.

Do hands get sticky after using them?

No, your hands won't smell or get sticky after using our wraps as during the production process we make sure that we have the optimal proportions of beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin

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